Undead army project

Current project contracted to paint Warhammer Fantasy Battles undead army. Looks like about a 2000pt. or more force. The customers instructions are to kind of follow the traditional color schemes but use my best judgement to make the army look good. Ya got to love customers like that; who just tell you be creative.

Thought the skeletons would be easy and simple place to start ; surprise! they’re not. Games Workshop includes a lot of extra pieces in a the box but only 21 left arms for 20 skeletons and the left arm is the most fragile piece it seems. It’s almost inevitable that some will break while being removed. My best advice is go slow and use a very sharp knife. I really have to give GW credit though since all the extras (heads and weapons and decrative dodads) are wonderfull for sprucing up other models.

The 14 dire wolves are very nice models. They’re in blister packs of two with four heads (2 metal & 2 plastic). I automatically use the metal heads as metal holds detal better than plastic. The plastic head will make great doorknocker or cemetary gate decoration for terrain and building pieces. The painting the wolve is simplicity itself: undercoat black, heavy drybrush med. greay the fur, skin tone (human fleash color) all exposed skin (which there is quite a lot on these models), seinna ink wash the entire model (extra care on the folds of skin around the snareling mouths), light drybrush dove grey on fur, careful light drybrushing of the skintone on bare skin to hide and water lines from drying ink and finaly paint eyes and fangs and wash red ink into the mouth for a bloody saliva effect. For extras I’ll be adding a scattering of bones and skulls salvaged from the skeleton regiments to the bases and finishing the bases with dried leaves which will tie into the whole theme of the army which is halloweenish.
Note: using skintone on the exposed skin of the wolves gives them kind of a viciouse rat or werewolf in tranformation (from human to wolf) appeareance. Also despite being an all plastic body I really like the look of these wolves; I’m considering getting a few to add variety among the wolves in an Orc Army (non GW) I’m doing.

Having trouble adding photos to the blog so I created an album for the Undead army, you can view the pics there.

Finished the the Ethereal Host. Used the stems from plastic 6" champagne flutes (party favor type from  the dollar store) to float 2 of the ghosts. The technique is drill the ghost, drill the stem and use a paper clip as a pin. The problem with painting ghost is color distinctions get lost. The typical pallette for a ghost is white and greys and they fail to give good distinction unless maybe if you only block paint (one color to one area- no drybrushing or blending or washes). I added metalic silver to the belts and hair to try to "pop" some of the detail and bring more distinction with mixed results. My best recommendation for a ghost figure is to distinguish it with the added stuff like chains or lantern or "flying" effects.

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One Response to Undead army project

  1. Thomas says:

    Finished the Undead Army and the album is updated. Did  a little extra on the bat swarms and the Black Coach as well as took the trouble to look up Latin words for the moto\’s on the unit standards. Its a very beautiful army even if it\’s undead.

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