Just discovered limited edition (only a 1000 castings) figures in my box of unopened blister packs. Since they are sold out at the company they were a nice find. They are LE027 Plunkorc & MacMean from . I liked them mostly because the background info was amusing; they’re a couple of "stupid criminals" who can’t quite succeed in their endeavors. I used this find as an opportunity to try out a new technique. My Dad, who has a BA in fine arts, told me DaVinci use to pluck eyelashes and paint with them as a 1 bristle brush, which I originally thought was a little crazy. However, in light of the need to paint really thin lines on a kilt I thought I’d give it a go. Only I plucked one errant eyebrow hair, trimmed it and super-glued it to a toothpick.
My first observation was that thin paint needed to be avoided since 1 bristle doesn’t pick up much. I did manage to paint a 4 letter word withing the space of 2mm on the spine of a book as well as doing some eyes. At present I’m not 100% pleased with my efforts with this "new" brush but I suspect that with practice that would change. I believe I’ll give it more time to see if I can get 5 letters within a 2mm space.
Well here’s some pics of MacMean at least. Embellished him with ear rings and dropped keys on his base.
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