Hot Glue and Gravel is running a terrain contest themed on the "lair of evil" or where the bad guy hangs his hat in between hatching his evil schemes. I’ll be entering a evil version of Merlin’s tower but another contestant posted their intent to do a wizard’s tower so I’ll change mine up to a necromancer’s or alchemist or a Dr. Frankinstien and his monster piece. I used pink foam again, no surprise there, but I did the stone walls in aquarium gravel and hot glue. Hot glue wont hold gravel onto foam core because the paper is to slick but this project went like a house on fire since hot will grip pink foam (which I coated once in black paint) and it sets fast. The trick is to keep the nozzle of the glue gun in contact with the model at all time to avoid the "strings" of glue that will stretch from the model to the glue gun. The results have been so promising I may just switch to hot glue for 75% of my construction just for speed. By contrast I tried foam glue (something new from the craft store) and supposedly it will fully set in 24 hours but it was still wet and tacky between the layers of pink foam a day latter and wood glue takes several hours to glue pink foam.
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