Adventures in Vacuum Molding

I’ve been investing a lot of time and energy into vacuum molding lately. I don’t really have a lot of concrete results but I have learn quite a bit. Trying to produce the metal fender and engine hood parts of a WW1 ambulance but thats whats been going on for 3 weeks now. Spent one week researching plastics on the web and running gluing, painting, and molding experiments on various types of plastics found around the house and purchased at the local hardware store. The purpose of that was to determine if there was a cheap or free source of plastic that would glue, paint and mold well. In the end I bought and used hobby polystyrene sheets which were not really all that expensive. I continue to use milk jug plastic (HDPE) for prototyping before I use the store bought stuff just to save on waste. Since the kids drink 5-6 gallons of milk I have an endless supply of HDPE and it’s wonderful stuff form vacuum molding. It just doesn’t take glue or paint.
Pictured below are some prototype car parts and the engine hood being molded.

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One Response to Adventures in Vacuum Molding

  1. Tim says:

    hmm, "It just doesn\’t take glue or paint.", we just need to find you the right kind of glue that adheres to HPDE, as well as a primer paint.

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