Making Machine Gears for Steampunk or Sci-Fi Terrain

     Materials needed: plastic twist caps for quick electrical connections, needle nose pliers and a razor knife.
Lay the cap on its side and beginning at the top or closed end place the knife so as to slice the end off. Then "roll’ the cap with the knife so that you make a shallow cut all the way around the cap. Check that your cut will be roughly uniform in thickness then proceed with more rolling while putting more pressure with the knife. Warning the cut piece tends to shoot off so take precautions with safety glasses and I also used a small box to catch the gear after the first was lost. The first two or three will be solid or not have a hole in the center after that the next gear will be cut from around the metal spring that is inside the cap. Use care in cutting this gear and then pull out the spring with needle nose pliers. The gears from this point on will have a center hole. I cut six to seven gears from a small cap and then start over with a new one as the cap becomes harder to cut the shorter it becomes.
   Soon you will have a nice collection of gears of various sizes and even a few "broken" ones that didn’t cut uniform (save the broken ones for junk piles and broken machinery). The next step is to glue them with their teeth interlocking is such a way as to look like real machinery. Then paint.

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