Converting Old Glory’s Bersaglieri

Technically this project is a conversion with the amount of cutting, filing and sculpting that is going into each figure. However, the figures are not being converted from one thing to another. They start out Italian Bersaglieri troops (with a slightly "off" uniform) and end up Italian Bersaglieri troops but with a corrected uniform. In all honesty though I could be incorrect about the uniform being off as there is very little info out there on the Bersaglieri units prior to WW1. The figures I’m using are from Old Glory’s Boxer Rebellion line (the only ones I found in the pith helmet). What is off about the uniform is that they’re all sculpted with calvary boots. The original Bersaglieri were raised by an Italian noble who had not the fund to raise calvary so that these were trained with an emphasis on physical fitness and marksmanship. In fact traditionally, if a Bersaglieri goes anywhere by walking he will be punished they must run everywhere. Calvary boots are harder to run in then shoes and most likely they were never issued.
Since the Bersaglieri of the WW1 all had the puttee (leg wrapping) like the rest of the Italian army I am filing away the puffed out pants and boot tops on all the figures and sculpting puttees with green stuff epoxy. Also their belt webbing has the straps the go from the belt to the shoulders but these mysteriously disappear into the epilates. Most likely they ran together on the back and a single piece ran down the rest of the back to the belt and this detail will be easy enough to add as well. I’m also toying with adding canteens and backpacks to some.
When it comes time to paint them they’ll be in tropical white not khaki like other tropical serving Italian troops and I’ll paint the belts and webbing black which is the color those equipment items started as for WW1 till they all eventually could be repainted to the gray green of the rest of the Italian army uniform. Personally I would expect that these units would have white webbing but black will give good contrast some so much of the figure will be white.
For now here are some photos of the conversion process including a figure being chopped and repositioned to a kneeling position.

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