Painting Doog Luos

It had been 8 days since the surgery and in that time I hand painted a very small handful of figures (2 space ships) and terrain (2 small pieces) mostly with the left hand. I was freshly registered to join a play by email RPG  and I knew I wanted to play a Dralasite computer tech and coincidently I just happened to have a 25 year old lead figure of a Dralasite so began this project. This figure is low on detail since its of a blob type elastic alien and he wasn’t carrying much in the way of equipment. So at the very least I wanted to paint in the veins that can be seen all over their bodies. Originally I cheated and drew the veins with a super fine micron marker which normally doesn’t react with acrylic paint to much but I also use liqutex glaze medium and the marker bled into the paint. So I had to repaint the veins and re-glaze the skin color over the veins. Looking at the figure I think he needs more so as I get more mobility in the arm I think I’ll scratch build a toolkit and lap top open on the floor in front of him since he’s a computer tech.
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