Well I’ve been able to scale back the pain meds quite a bit (they really are obnoxious to take though pain isn’t fun either) and there’s still a lot of discomfort so that I pretty much can only paint 1 figure a day. However, Nodwick is now finished. (The miniature is from Magnificent Egos BTW.)
I was not aware of who Nodwick was when I picked him up in the hobby store; I just thought he looked interesting. Having researched him on line I think he’s a bit of a hoot though I have not actually read a full Nodwick comic. Originally, I researched him to see what his "official" color scheme was (not that I needed to slavishly follow it; just for reference- though in the end I followed it to help keep him recognizable as a character.) Having learned he’s the quintesentially abused NPC (non player character) of the fantasy RPG genre where the player characters use him to set off traps and do dangerous stuff so they don’t have to I knew I had to base him setting off a trap. The real trick is how do you model a trap on a 25mm or 1 in. square base? At first I searched ebay and battlewagon bitz for the bear trap carried by some of GameWorkshop’s ogres but that proved unfruitful. Since I was thinking of bear traps at that point I switched tracks to making my own. This trap is index card pure and simple though the chain is a cheap jewelry chain (from a craft store that caters to people who make their own jewelry). I assembled the trap with white glue leaving out the center circle that gets stepped on to spring the trap then I super glued it to the base. To give the paper some rigidity I carefully soaked it, one drop at a time, with super glue so that it became hard and rigid. Next, Nodwick was removed from his molded base and his feet were drilled and pinned. After that I made a pin hole in the trap trigger and slid it down the pin and superglued it to the heel of the foot stepping on the trap. Then Nodwick was added to the base and primed and painted.
Since he’s a cartoon character there isn’t a super amount of detail which makes painting a breeze. I suppose I could have embellished him with scares and tattoos and insignia but I felt that I wanted to do the traditional Nodwick being used to set off a trap.
The final finishing detail involved making an effort to conceal a the trap so it looks like he’s setting it off unknowingly. The challenge is to obscure it just enough. I did use static grass but that was more in the vain of layering the ground cover. The real terrain element was the clump foliage though I had to use seriously small fragments due to the base size and in the end I managed to add four "clumps".

He’s a neat little figure and I liked him just for being different than most other figures in his genre but having pioneered a trap on the base I love this figure for how well the scratch built bear trap looks. I suppose I’ll have to invest some thought on other types of trap bases. Stuff like land mines for space marines and rope noose type traps spring to mind…..

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