Asteroid Base

Just back from running 3 games of TSR’s Star Frontiers Knight Hawks game with miniatures. We ran the 2 basic game scenarios and the Sathar won every time but that may be a function of the fact that the playing area was 4 feet by 6 feet which probably doesn’t equate well to the board game map and it made it very easy for the Sathar to get right on top of the Federation ships and pound them when the Fed ships need to use their speed and manueverability to win. So a bigger area is called for or the scenarios parameters should be tweaked to make them viable for the Fed player.

In thinking about what to do for scenarios for next month I decided to whip up an asteroid base: Planaron base for the Warriors of the White Light module for Knight Hawks. Its essentially a pumice stone drilled in several places for the dowels that socket into the base and the "man made structures". Two part epoxy was the primary glue. The base is the lower half of a plastic champaign glass from a dollar store. All told this was a hour project not counting watching paint dry.

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