Volturnus Sand Shark

Went with no base for this one which was something I had been wanting to do with one the lead figures just to see how it did. as a number of the materials that go into the bases can/ could be a source of acid that would kick off lead rot. Naturally, I’ve had to base most but I wanted a "control" figure just in case lead rot turns up again despite my best efforts.

The figure is the famed sand shark from the classic Star Frontiers adventure made by TSR in 1983. Sadly its out of production and I wonder at Wizards of the Coast since they haven’t bothered to put the Star Frontiers figures back in production. At some point only a % of the original figs will be left due to the scourge of lead rot. The ones sold by Sears seem to not have a problem and any that were sealed in paint have a good chance of being ok.

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