Making a Figures Carrying Case

I’ve finally ran my course with magnetic storage of miniatures as one good knock and on a case and the magnetic bond is never strong enough to overcome momentum and the end result is chipped paint. However, the cost of commercially made carrying cases that use high density foam can be a bit pricey. Also I currently possessed a number of plastic cases that stacked and locked together which made transport of large numbers easier.
      After tracking down 2 inch thick high density foam, also called chair pad foam, at the local sewing and fabric shop (JoAnn Fabrics) I cut the pads to fit my carrying case. Next I measured and marked half inch marks at the top and bottom. Using a sharp (sharper the better) box cutter/craft knife and a metal straight edge I made the vertical cuts every half inch making sure to slice through half the thickness of the pad. Then I rotated the pad and repeated the process for the horizontal cuts. Pay special attention when reaching the end pad to make sure the knif cuts to the proper depth at the end.
     After finishing tear out half inch squares to the appropriate size for each figure. A square of felt or 1 inch thick foam can be used to cover the top and protech the minis from bouncing off the lid.
     My stacking case holds two levels of foam in each of the 3 boxes with just enough room for a square of felt on top in each level. The foam came as 2" X 15" x 17" which required 6 at a cost of $4.50 and the case costs something like $7 so the total cost is around $34.
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