BB and Buffy

I named these two BB and Buffy because she looked and felt like a Buffy. At first he had the working name of Spike though nothing about him said, "Spike." That lasted till I remembered that Spike was a character on Buffy the Vampire slayer. Not being a fan of that show I was compelled to change his name but nothing jumped at me so he got the descriptive handle of bald black guy which was shortened to BB. After it began to stick as a name, at least in my mind, I decided that BB could work as a name in much the same vein as BJ or TJ. I tried to come up with something better than bald black guy for BB to stand for and the only think that stood out was Bad Assed, which doesn’t fit unless he’s supposed to be a take on Mr. T in the A Team. So I guess BB is still in search of a name for now.

The model is an Old Glory biker gang figure with the intregal base removed and mounted on a 1" X 2" base. BB’s arm had the weapon (a pry bar) cut away and the hand drilled to accept the handbar (some re-sculpting of the shoulder joint was necessary to make it look right in this configuration). Doing him this way gives him an air of serious focus. To me he has a attitude that says, "Get out of my way, cause I will run your but over!" The biker babe is a Reaper: Dark Heaven figure with all the fantasy elements cut/ground away by a dremel. To hide some of the grinding I attached the sawed off shotgun and molded a holster to her hip. The shot gun came from the sprue of alternate biker arms while her machine pistols are Games Worshop 40K bits (skull from a GW as well).

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One Response to BB and Buffy

  1. Puddin says:

    BB=Bubba Beauregard.Nice minis work. I\’m green with envy. :)Will

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