Hover Cycle #1

Small departure here from the previous blog as an idea took me an I followed it.
Designed a hover cycle based on a stand up/ jet ski inspired hover sled. Plus with a stand up model and high density magnets I’ll be able to mount any miniature I own on the hover sled as I’m fairly anal about giving all minis a metal base.
I pulled out another refrigerator magnet of a rotating fan and broke it into its various parts. Since the fan has a front and back cover there is a possibility of building tow but one had a higher profile than the other. In scale the higher one would be close to higher than a man’s head so it was cut down and a piece was added to the smaller fan. At this stage the "fan motor housings were modified till they would except a high density magnet which would be crucial to mounting a miniature on the model.

Once magnets were secured with super glue and the motor housing for the lower fan was attached work began on the cycle controls. The controls are a nice little mini from Mega Minis the ebay store. Sadly I only bought two of them last year and I can see I’ll need more as this is my last. Anyway I drilled and placed pins into the sides to help with attaching the handles then glued it to the fan motor assembly.

The deck started life as an acrylic sheet light cover that I’ve been cutting up and using for the nice texture that it has. I cut and measured and re-cut till I was happy with the look of it on the model. Even though it’s not two inches long it should be long enough to fit two miniatures so I added a second magnet to the underside at the back. Once the super glue dried I glued the deck in place.

All that is left is the handles, a clear plastic wind shield, painting and a clear plastic stand.
Also I still have parts for at least two more cycles kicking around so stay tuned.

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