Size comparison Hover Cycle vs 28mm & 32mm figures

Here’s a little size comparison to commonly used figures. The two yazerians riding the cycle are classic 28mm TSR figures and the one standing is an ICORE, figure, I believe, in about 32mm scale. The yazerians are on one inch fender washers and they mount the bike very well. When only one figure is on the bike both magnets kind of fight over it and it ends up centered between them.

I’ve used a lot of clear plastic champaign flute bases and stems as flying stands in the past. The local cross between a discount and a dollar store had a six pack for a dollar  but now they’ve sold out and only stock the ones with gold glitter or gold bases. I guess they wont reorder till those sell out too. So I’ll be using the one with gold glitter as a base as it wont show too much under the big hover fan. For the windshield I’ll try cutting up a one of the flutes with the gold stem and base for the nice one inch diameter curved plastic of the cup portion. It looks like a job for the new dremel tool.

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